Tuesday, August 26, 2008

San Francisco

I arrived in San Francisco for the Society of American Archivists Conference yesterday afternoon. The one thing I didn't like was flying over the Bay before we landed. There's water and then there's the runway. I wish I hadn't looked and kept mentally reviewing what to do in case of a water landing, but, of course, there were no problems and we landed safely.

I am staying at the conference hotel, the San Francisco Hilton, only a few blocks from Union Square. I spent a little time time sitting in the lobby yesterday afternoon, people watching. The concierge provided me with a nice list of restaurants within walking distance and I had a wonderful dinner of red snapper and rice at Cafe Mason only a block and-a-half away.

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April Younglove said...

I'm reading a book right now titled Unthinkable about who survives disasters. If it comforts you, those of us who read the seat instructions and think ahead imagining how to evacuate are 90% more likely to survive a plane crash than those who do not.