Saturday, March 17, 2007


I haven't been writing about what I've been doing at the LBCC library. Many of my tasks have to do with weeding as we are getting ready to move so that the library can be remodeled.

Here's a brief summary.

** Preparing spreadsheet of journals in reference section listing which we have in print, which are in the electronic databases, the years we have them for, and if any of those we have in print are available in databases or online.
** Preparing spreadsheet of reference titles with information similar to above plus reading reviews in Choice to determine which are outstanding titles and which may have duplicated information.

I've also been attending and contributing to remodeling and staff meetings, working the circulation desk, answering reference questions, helping students with software and printer problems, and preparing bibliographies as well as answering the ubiquitous directional questions.

I have the next two weeks (finals week and Spring Break) off but only from this position. When I return I'll be responsible for offering the materials we are weeding out to other libraries, preparing and then shipping them.

As for the next two weeks, I'm finishing up a project for a class due on Monday and attending an all-day workshop in Salem on the Basics of Archives sponsored by The State Historical Records Advisory Board (SHRAB), headed by the Oregon Secretary of State- Archives Division on Wednesday. I'll be working at the OSU Archives on Wednesday and Thursday nights and on Friday I'll head up to Portland for a week-end class.

During Spring Break I'll be working at the OSU Archives half-days and working on a couple of scholarship applications.