Sunday, July 8, 2007

The Last Couple of Weeks

In the past few weeks, I've been working to catch up with my assignments. The conference in Idaho in May and then the one in Baltimore in June , interrupted my study schedule quite badly. I'm now caught up and I'm working on research for the few projects I have left this semester, as well getting ready for the presentation I'm doing in Wilsonville on July 20th.

I've volunteered to be on the Programming Committee for the American Indian Library Association which will tie in very well with being on the Program Committee for the National Tribal Archives, Libraries, and Museum Conference , which will be held in Portland in 2009.

I've registered for several SOLINET distance classes including Introduction to Preservation (which will give me a nice jump start on my Emporia Preservation class which begins next month) and Preserving Oral Histories, both this month. SOLINET gives a very generous discount to students, so in August I'll be taking classes in Caring for Scrapbooks, Preservation of Photographic Materials, and Grants for Preservation. Then, in September, I start a distance learning eight-week class on Managing Copyright issues. The money for this comes from my Northwest Archivists scholarship.

I've begun working on an article I'm writing for their newsletter Easy Access about the Rare Books and Manuscripts Conference,From Here to Ephemerality: Fugitive Sources in Libraries, Archives, and Museums . This will be published in their September issue. I've also discussed writing an article with the editor of Archival Issues .

I've registered for a total of ten (!) credit hours for Fall Semester. My academic advisor is probably tearing her hair out at what I'm doing, but maybe she's figured out what John realized years ago: when I am determined to do something, it's best just to smile and get out of my way and let me do it. I am having so much fun!

And it's not "all work, no play". Check out my new blog, Small Comforts , and see what I do on the vacation days I give myself! I do take time to smell the flowers!