Thursday, December 7, 2006

Summer, 2006

I was admitted to Emporia State University's Oregon-7 cohort in June, 2006. Weekend classes are held once or twice a month on the Portand State University campus.

This is a photo of the doors to Cramer Hall, where classes are held.

I took three classes:
LI 513 Information Technology Skills
LI 801 Foundations of Information Transfer
LI803 Information Transfer and the Knowledge Society

I began volunteering one day a week at a senior center , providing individualized computer and Internet instruction. I also applied for and was accepted for an internship at the Oregon State Library in June, a position which lasted through the end of October. I categorized documents donated by the Oregon Legislative Library , researched and updated the Oregon periodical webpage, researched and cataloged photographs, postcards, manuscripts, maps, and letters dating from 1850-1930 from Special Collections.

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